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We were inspired initially by the Holocaust museum. The idea of being assigned a pilot who people could then learn about through an interactive exhibit. Then we decided to make this idea more kid friendly by creating an exhibit that can be moved from school to school. From there, our toy idea came about. The idea that kids receive a doll and can dress it in historically accurate uniforms based on the uniforms used by the WASP team. We did not want the learning to stop after the kids left the exhibit, so we created an online game inspired by games we played as kids. The game allows the child to continue their learning by playing an online game that allows them to go through training and missions while receiving mentorship from historical WASP figures. We made the exhibit great for all ages by also offering a 3D puzzle of a B29 bomber plane for older kids to build so they also have a physical reminder of the WASP women.

We drew outfit designs for the dolls and printed them on paper. We then used kebabs to stand the clothing upright like a figurine. We designed a 3D model of the B29 bomber plane, sliced it, and laser cut it to create the 3D puzzle. The rest of our design is conceptual, with a story board to explain the exhibit points and video game.

We faced challenges with connecting our two ideas together. We also faced problems with deciding how we were going to present our project.

We are extremely proud of our idea. It still has some bumps but we are excited about the potential for it to go further. For next steps, we would love to design our game and begin the prototyping phase for our tangible products.

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