First I love NFTs where it creates a sense of hope to people like you and me that TRYING TO TELL WORLD throughout their talents but compress by bridge of connection.

What it does

NFTs overall is good as told but it lack of humor sense of chance to perform. Even if you are able to provide capital into minted NFTs, some unlucky cant even have capital to start minted NFTs. I will categories in explaining later. So in here, we giving all talents people to stand out and create their every own NFTs For the first time.

How we built it

Each participants will categorized to 3. A) Jokine People who just try to make easy money or simply a good con artist. We can marked them based on psychology intentions. Those falls in will consider blacklist by system and if needed lifted need to write a letter with proof of work B) semi talented People have desire to change their own fate. People who have lack of skill support or financial difficulties to encourage them to do NFTs. Guidance and supportive will provide by us. For minted usage, I encourage them by releasing support for their own NFTs up to 20 items. However we will need to collect fees about 8% on each NFTs sold. Currently creating crypto wallet for this category will be need too to prevent any misbehaving attitudes later. Online tutorials can be arranged if needed for further supervision and support. C) Real artist People who have acknowledged their talents and performance. Consider a great candidate. This category usually offers thousands of minted and what we consider is releasing discounts mark for every 50 minted or gasses off on 48th minter and so on can be considered as an option. They know very well about NFTs.

Challenges we ran into

I am alone with no support. Creating soft code based on kyc, email and wallet is out of my expertise. As I am sure I aware 24days isn't a good mark to fit all of our idea in 1 shot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Idea for expansion as my personal feels as Street Artist myself.

What we learned

NFTs Loop on ice

What's next for Operation Tickle the Bubble

Operation popped the Bubble

Built With

  • brain
  • experience
  • for
  • seeing
  • thought
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