Since the lockdown in Mexico, I haven't gone outside. However, many people in my country don't follow the standards to ensure our health and stop the spread of COVID-19, so that's why my country is in really danger, and good healthcare is very limited. Due to all this situation that I'm currently living, I want to make a solution that uses technology in a creative way so that people could at least take conscience about the difficult situation we are facing right now, and so they can take care of themselves and everybody else around by staying at home.

What it does

It is a mobile video game where the player has the mission to keep everybody from the city at their homes. Eventually, the people will start leaving their houses, especially cause they're getting bored. So, how can I keep them safe at home? There you will have a list of activities you can do at home (which also applies to the reality!). Each activity will cost you certain amount of Health points. Health points? Yeah! How do you earn Health points? By keeping (Dragging) everybody safe at home! The longer the people stay at their houses, the more Health points you will gain! Also, you will earn points by returning the people safely back to their homes.

Keep in mind that, as you advance, people will start to get bored more often and they will go out more frequent!

But, what happens if a person stays outside for a long time? Good question! Sadly, as in reality, they could get infected by the COVID-19 virus. If that's the case, you will need to send them to the hospital. If you get to the hospital's sick people limit (like in reality) and there are no more healthy people, you will lose!

At the end, the app will provide the user with actual statistics of the virus worldwide and also there's an option at the beginning where the user can learn how to stay safe at home and follow the health standards.

How I built it

At first I planned to use c# or lua, since both languages are the most common to code mobile games. However, since I'm still a beginner in coding and I'm still learning, I decided to better built it using Mit App Inventor 2. For the images and logo design, I used the platform Canva

Challenges I ran into

Every step was a challenge for me. I constanlty was watching videos to learn how to use some functions in mit app inventor 2, like sprites collision, dragging, making dictionaries, lists, just to mention a few. Although I didn't finished the proyect on time, I plan to finish it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making most of the code in less than a day

What I learned

Many features that mit app inventor 2 provides, and also to be better prepeared for a hackathon. Nevertheless, I learned A LOT with the workshops provided.

What's next for OPERATION: STAY HOME

First of all finishing the prototype in Mit App Inventor 2. After that, I plan it to code it either in C# or lua (most likely C#), so I learn how to REALLY CODE, instead of building blocks.

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