Phoning around for available low-cost therapy slots, and telling a painful personal story to twenty different screeners, is daunting enough for people in perfect mental health. In the middle of major depression or anxiety it's almost impossible.

What it does

Pressing "get help" will gather the user's basic information and launch a chatbot to ask the preliminary screening questions of an intake interview, the kind of therapy they are looking for, plus their schedule availability and payment/insurance abilities (if any). This information will be checked against a database of available therapy slots at community clinics and other low cost resources. When a slot opens up, the user will get an automated call or text to let them know a therapist is available.

How we built it

React for the front end, Firebase/Python on the back end, and a chatbot from to ask the screening questions

Challenges we ran into

The chatbot we chose was not well suited to administering surveys. We looked but didn't find a survey specific chatbot client with a free tier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functional API and front end basic survey.

Built With

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