Our inspiration for our project was the "March for Our Lives" event across the nation. 1.4 shootings a week, and an average of 18 minutes for police response was something we couldn’t ignore. Our passion for this project shows in the amount of research we have done and the compassion we have for our fellow students and human beings.

What it does

Our devices purpose is twofold, one is to get as relevant information as possible to detain the active shooter. Our app acts on the lockdown phase of the common shooting drill called ALICE, providing the safest path to evacuate the building, and avoiding paths that could collide with the gunman.

How we built it

First we discussed making various hardware applications such as a wearable, but we realized we were just throwing technology at a problem and not actually thinking about the problem. After watching countless police recordings of children and parents calling police, we saw a clear weak point in our law enforcement. We developed a device that sits in the room and hallways of a building, collecting decibel readings of the room. The device also acts as a geofence for navigating out of the building using Eddystone (a google variant of iBeacon, only more modern and open source). We used Raspberry Pi 3 attached to a partnered circuit playground board with microphone.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into while completing this project was primarily hardwear. Once we got hardware to work we then focused on the minor details that were not working. Another big challenge we faced was working without sleep.

What we learned

We learned a lot about different web applications while working on this project. We also learned a lot more about shootings and even school shootings and protocols while researching.

What's next for Operation Beacon

Initially we would like to improve the look of the app, making it simple yet efficient. What we would like to implement in the future is connecting with police stations and working with them on this app/system. We would also like to spread our app to different schools and offices around the country.

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