Summary & Idea Overview

OpenZeta is a decentralized NFT marketplace, but what makes it special is that artists and users can create NFTs with 0 coding, or they can also import any already existing TNT721 token and put it for sale.

OpenZeta aim is to be the home for a mixed type of projects, such as:

  • Users (art, music, writing... )
  • Coders (generated NFTs and collectibles)
  • Games & Metaverse (gaming assets, VR estate...)
  • Real World (e-tickets...)

In short, we wanna make sure NFT creation and tradability is open for eveyone with no requirements.

What we currently offer to the world and the Theta ecosystem is:

  • A simple way to deploy TNT721 contracts and mint NFTs with 0 coding
  • An easy to use marketplace with a great UI/UX
  • One place to display all NFTs, no matter the origin
  • Ready to use code pieces for developers who want to launch their own projects

OpenZeta name is specific only for the open marketplace, the name of the whole project is Zeta. And we have so many plans to expand Zeta not only in NFT industry, but everything that can be done with the Theta network. OpenZeta is just the starting point to help clear our way.

Current features (MVP):

  • Support for both Metamask wallet and Theta wallet
  • ZNFT contract, an implementation of TNT721 standard
  • ZMarket contract, a TNT721 token marketplace using TFUEL as a currency
  • An intuitive UI/UX for interacting with the ZMarket contract
  • An easy UI for deploying and ZNFT contracts + Minting NFTs
  • An easy UI for importing and selling any TNT721 token
  • An indexer to make loading the informations faster
  • A place to explore all types of NFT and manage owned NFTs

To be added features (after mainnet launch):

  • User will be able to upload NFT media from the same UI when creating an NFT (we are waiting for Theta EdgeStore to implement this)
  • A bidding system for the marketplace
  • Ability to create drop with 0 coding
  • One click import all Users NFTs
  • Public API for interacting with OpenZeta

Rough roadmap

Q2 2022

  • Security checks / bug fixing
  • Mainnet launch

Q3 - Q4 2022

  • New Features mentioned above
  • An NFT project be used as avatar for OpenZeta users and Theta users on general
  • TNT20 token launch with an economy and a decentralzed governance for OpenZeta.
  • Publishing public npm libraries for interacting with with the Theta blockchain

Q1 2023

  • Expand to other fields other than NFTs

Final note

Working in this project definitely helped me learn alot about the ecosystem of Theta. And I faced many troubles to make this application reach this point and functionality. For example, @thetalabs/theta-wallet-connect library didn't work for me and I had to rewrite it in typescript, and the @thetalabs/theta-js library didn't work in the nodejs backend because of the Fetch API. That's why if everything goes well, I'm planning to use this experience to publish multiple npm libraries that help developers build applications that connect with the Theta blockchain seamlessly.

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