OpenXR Samples for Mixed Reality Developers

This repository contains OpenXR code samples tailored for developers who are familiar with and using the Visual Studio toolchain, e.g. HoloLens 2 developers.

These OpenXR samples use C++17 and D3D11. The same source code works across UWP applications running on HoloLens 2 and Win32 applications running on Windows Desktop with Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets.

Prepare, build and run the samples

OpenXR app best practices for HoloLens 2

The BasicXrApp demonstrates the best practices for an OpenXR app to achieve full frame rate and low latency.

For more detailed information on getting the best visual quality and performance on HoloLens 2, see the best practices for HoloLens 2.

OpenXR preview extensions

The openxr_preview folder contains a set of preview header files containing the following preview OpenXR extensions:

  1. XR_MSFT_hand_interaction_preview
  2. XR_MSFT_hand_tracking_preview
  3. XR_MSFT_hand_tracking_mesh_preview
  4. XR_MSFT_secondary_view_configuration_preview
  5. XR_MSFT_first_person_observer_preview
  6. XR_MSFT_spatial_graph_bridge_preview

For sample code demonstrating how to use the preview extensions above, see the SampleSceneUwp, ThreeCubes and XrSceneLib preview extensions. Please file feedback on these preview extensions as GitHub issues. We are planning to incorporate your feedback and finalize these extensions as vendor extensions (MSFT) or cross-vendor extensions (EXT) in the central Khronos OpenXR headers and spec over the coming months.


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