👀 Inspiration

I was inspired to create OpenWaste after seeing the amount of litter that I pass by when walking through the neighborhood, and yet the inconvenience of trying to find a trash can to throw the trash into. Furthermore, I saw the struggle that dog owners go through in having to hold a stinky bag of dog feces for the entire duration of the walk due to the lack of public trash cans. Not only would more easy-access public trash cans solve these problems, but it would also encourage people to pick up trash when they see any. Thus, I created OpenWaste.

✨ What it does

This website has two main features. The first is to search for OpenWaste homes. OpenWaste homes are homes that have opted to allow the public to throw away their items into their trash can. Next time you’re on a walk and see trash nearby, simply throw it away into the nearest residency’s trash can (assuming they’ve opted in). The second feature is to add your address as an OpenWaste Home. Simply fill out the form on the website’s page to add your address to the master list of OpenWaste homes to open your outdoor trash cans to the public to use to throw away their litter and litter they see on the ground!

🥳 How I built it

I built my project with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and TailwindCSS. I used Figma to create a wireframe of the website.

😭 Challenges I ran into

One challenge that I definitely ran into during this hackathon was being short on time -- especially since this was much shorter than traditional 24-hour or 48-hour hackathons. There were some features that I would have wanted to add that I did not get the chance to. In addition, I had a lot of trouble with the table on the “OpenWaste Homes” page, since the spacing would always be too squished, and formatting it was a bit of a challenge

😀 Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that in just a few hours, I was able to create a wireframe, code a mostly functional website, build a slide deck, and record & edit my pitch video. I was also able to learn a lot from this hackathon, using technologies that I had barely touched previously, which I'm proud that I was able to do!

😊 What I learned

Doing research for this website definitely opened my eyes to how widespread the impact of litter is--and how important it is to work towards a solution to the problem. On the more technical side, this was my first real project that I’ve used TailwindCSS on, so I learned a lot about how to use it to format elements on the webpage. Overall though, since I’m still fairly new to web development, with every project I create, I learn something new; whether it be creating a certain element or just designing the overall page.

📚 What's next for OpenWaste

In the future, I would love to incorporate some features that I didn't get the opportunity to do today. One main feature would be adding a backend/database so that when someone chooses to add their home as an "OpenWaste Home", it actually gets stored in a database so that everyone can see it. I would also fix the "filtering" feature to make it more functional, and implement a method of residency verification so that only someone who actually lives at a certain address can add that address as an OpenWaste Home.

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