Since none of our team members had any experience building Alexa apps, we started this project by finding tutorials online and through the Amazon Developers website. Using the sample code as a template, we made changes to the python script, allowing Alexa to take custom inputs and output custom messages.

Overall, our project's intentions were to take input from hungry customers and give recommendations on potential restaurants based on the category of food, travel distance, price, etc. Then, Alexa would ask for confirmation to book the reservation and, if confirmed, would proceed to do so.

One of the struggles we went through were editing the Python script, since none of our team members were particularly experienced with python in the context of Alexa apps. We spent a lot of time testing random things until they worked. Also, we had trouble creating the database due to a slower internet connection. That said, in the end, we were able to download all our data locally, upload it all to mLabs database, and link it to our script online.

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