The idea of this project was given by my friend, he is doing a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics (It is emerging part of economics that is integrated with psychology. 2017 Nobel prize winner was also making the research in this hot topic). This friend of mine had to make an online survey for his project. He had to survey at least 5000 people across the globe from different parts of the world, such as US, Europe, India, Asia, and South America, Africa. In order to find those people, he tried to advertise his research, such as on Facebook, Instagram, his university, other universities, etc. But he could attract only 700 people. It turns out that the problem was an incorrect strategy. Instead of spending money on advertisement, he could spend it directly to the people.

This is where the OpenSurvey comes in.

What it does

It is a system where scientists and people come together and help each other. People pass those surveys and get money for that, and this will increase the number of subjects for the researcher. And as you have guessed, people will be paid in cryptocurrency. Why cryptocurrency? There already exists a platform where people get money from the researchers. But it is not suitable for every country. Main problems are that the bank transfers have high fees, it takes several weeks to send money from one continent to another, the PayPal is banned in several countries. Therefore, the crypto is a perfect solution for this problem.

This is an Android application that allows both researchers and people to use it. Both people and researchers can use this app, it is similar for both sides, the only difference is the first balance screen. Also, note that this app is a standalone wallet, I did not want to restrict the wallet functionality, i.e. you can send/receive money not related to the researches at all. As you have noted, researchers have a bit more complex balance screen. In here they can create the survey, see past surveys, ongoing surveys, and in case - abort it. Clicking on one of the items will they will be able to visualize all the data in different diagrams, charts, and pie charts, etc, see survey coverage, and other pieces of data.

How I built it

Mostly, I have developed the Android application and Smart contract. I have used Java, Kotlin, and XML for Android part, and Solidity language for Smart Contract. This is just a demo for now, but the project will expand for sure.

Challenges I ran into

One main challenge was the time. It is really exciting to build the whole project in 32 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to develop the standalone mobile application and smart contract. But of course, there is a space for improvements.

What I learned

I have learned a lot about Ethereum's smart contracts. It was both challenging and exciting.

What's next for OpenSurvey [General Track]

I still have to develop the backend - this is where the app will fully show its potential.

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