An application similar to Prisma, an app where you can stylize your image with presets, but with the ability to create custom styles using their own images. In addition, allowing this new application to be accessible to as many artist as possible by making it free.

What it does

Uses neural network to take a style of an image (i.e., painting like) and applies it onto another image.

How we built it

PyTorch neural networking (using pretrained models) to generate the stylized images. Firebase webhosting for potential webapp capabilities.

Challenges we ran into

Training data and getting the transfers to function properly, low quality transfers given limited compute power.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a working transfer system working (even if it's a bit slow).

What we learned

The many different tools available via Firebase, Python, and how watching great Pixar movies can provide great determination.

What's next for OpenStylizer

Further development into a better performing GUI, functionality, and other quality-of-life improvements

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