Stroke WhaAAAAaat?

To track their rowing pace and speed, most rowers use a Stroke Coach, a product produced by NK Sports. This device monitors and displays live data to the athlete and coach, such as:

  • Strokes per minute
  • Distance traveled
  • Time
  • Speed

This company has a complete monopoly on electronic hardware for rowing around the world. Cost is a major factor in the recent decrease in rowers. Moreover, the lack of equipment in more rural rowing clubs results in a lack ability to send data to post secondary recruiters. OpenSpeedCoach is a cheap open source alternative to the proprietary Stroke Coach. OpenSpeedCoach empowers amateur rowers with lower budgets to be able to train and compete on the same level as their more well-funded private-school peers.



  • Empower youth by tackling monopolies in the rowing world that and give junior students an alternative to the $200-$600 proprietary Stroke Coach hardware.
  • Support rural rowing community by giving them the same tool private schools have at a low cost.
  • Measure stroke rate, speed, and distance traveled.


  • Destroy outdated hardware with open source hardware and software for a cheap cost available for people of all financial situations.

Part list

State of Project

  • 2020/01/12:
    • Started a finished a working demo of concept, next step is to refine and bug squash.

Running the Project Locally

  • TBA after cnc circut design... Stay tuned.


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