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Being avid gamers, we know that multiplayer gaming is so much more fun with skins! Right now skins are associated with gaming companies, we see this limits our choices. What if we create an open market where players can access skins across multiple games and users/artists can upload their own skin that can be converted to tokens?!! Doesn’t this sound fun? Also as far as our market research it is a 50 billion dollar industry.

What it does

  • As we play games online, we earn dino points that are added to the wallet
  • Also, we envisioned and created a marketplace known as OpenSkin, where skins from all games are visible. Artists/users can upload their skins as .jpg and our system will convert them into tokens.
  • These tokens will be available in the collectables for users to easily pick it up

Brave Sponsor Challenge + More

  • To demonstrate the bigger vision, we tackled the Brave Sponsor Challenge - The Dino game, that aligns closely with our value proposition

Challenges we ran into

Initial understanding of NEAR Protocol took time, once we got our hands dirty it was a simple flow. We found difficulty while interesting game script with wallet script. As well as integrating the marketplace to wallets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea by itself is something we are proud of, as it can be easily extended with what currently exists and is still yet open up a whole new market.

We loved how everything fell into place and enjoyed the beauty of the flow. we are proud that we were able to pull it off in spite of the fact we are graduate students in Georgia Tech managing heavy course workload.

What we learned

We learned so much about teamwork and how as a team we can accomplish everything. We are a new crypto world, this hackathon gave us a lot of learning opportunities about the breadth and width of crypto and NFT. We enjoyed learning and working with NEAR Ecosystem.

What's next for OpenSkin - Own your in-game skins and assets

  • Next is actually seeing it in the market and selling it to our first customer
  • Building a more scalable and robust skin.

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