This is a personal challenge to build something with a fierce team of 1 for a hackathon! I also wanted to improve my C++ skills along with learning the basics of OpenGL.

What it does

Due to the use of C++ and OpenGL, OpenSing can be used on any platform it is compiled for. This means you can use it on your Windows computer or you can compile it specifically for a microcomputer such as a Rasberry Pi to build a DIY Karaoke motion. Most Karaoke software costs hundreds of dollars a month, so OpenSing has the potential to disrupt the market.

Anyone can play their karaoke files given the audio and the custom .sing file, which is a specialized JSON object containing the lyrics and timing.

How I built it

C++ and OpenGL

What's next for OpenSing

I plan on building a user interface for creating karaoke ".sing" file, the custom file type to actually play a Karaoke song.

Built With

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