Almost everyone, including ourselves, knows an elderly family member who must keep track of several medication schedules. However, in a recent, 18-month-long study of 503 adults over the age of 80 by the Ghent University in Belgium, two-thirds of patients underused their medication, 56% of patients practiced drug misuse, and 40% both underused and misused their medication. In fact, medication underuse resulted in a 39% increase in risk of death and a 26% increase in hospitalizations. Clearly, it is imperative that patients have easy access to medication information and are always empowered to understand their own healthcare.

What it does

RemindRx allows patients to easily access important information (ex. purpose of medication, medication schedule, side effects, possibly dangerous drug interactions, etc.) simply by snapping a picture of the prescription label on the bottle. Doctors are able to get involved in patient accountability by inputting each patient's prescription medications and the important information they need to know.

How we built it

We created a static site using HTML/CSS/Javascript/jquery and made API calls to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API to determine the RX number of the medication.

Challenges we ran into

On Saturday afternoon we completely pivoted our project idea, giving us limited time to work. We are also new to web development and have never made calls to an API before. Significant challenges we ran into include figuring out what tools we would use to bring our idea to life, unfamiliarity with web development programming languages, and difficulty parsing JSON data returned by the Microsoft Cognitive Services Computer Vision API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of completing a project that has the potential to positively impact the lives of medical patients, while simultaneously learning about web development and APIs. Additionally, this is one of our team member's first hackathons and first hackathon project.

What we learned

We learned about web development using HTML/CSS/Javascript/jquery and using an API.

What's next for RemindRx

We have ideas for several new features, including scraping the web for information about every type of medicine, creating a user interface that allows doctors to input data through a form, and creating a mobile application that allows patients to take a picture of the prescription label with their phones and get information back in real-time.

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