OpenMined ( is a project that seeks to enable decentralized, federated AI, supported by the blockchain.

The project enables the producers of data to be rewarded for their contribution to machine learning models and never part with or reveal their data.

Problem statement

OpenMined system (and any decentralized ML system open to public input) is subject to digital vandals and other malicious influences through attacks. The system needs a reputation system to distinguish benign workers from malicious ones.

Reputation System

Ethereum and blockchain present a natural solution to the problem of distributed trust. We sought to enable the storage of reputation points for every worker by integrating with components of Grid project under the OM umbrella (

Our architecture

The final architecture relies on the storage of the contribution information of every worker from PubSub into a Trillian Map ( for fast retrieval.

We have prototyped the PubSub retrieval and display the results in a simple web app.

Built With

  • colony
  • ipfs
  • openmined
  • python
  • subpub
  • trillian
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