The Covid 19 Safety Tracker Game is here!

We created a game to encourage and motivate players to follow Covid safety rules. This game has three levels, one where you prepare for Covid 19, next you track your daily activities that help you stay safe and at the end there is a quiz to ensure that you can differentiate between real and fake Covid news.

We used HTML, Javascript and CSS. Our project was going well until we tried merging the three game levels created by the three of us. Merging broke the links between pages and we had to fix them last minute! We learned that we should not leave merging the code by different developers till the end.

We are a team of high school girls from different parts of the world (Boston, California, Denmark) and this project brought us together and took our minds off the Covid Isolation.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to participate in this hackathon and taking the time to look at our project.

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