My inspiration for creating OpenGov came from hearing conversations of people wishing they felt closer to what Congress is doing, without having to do a lot of research to find out.

OpenGov is an app that puts Congressional Bills and Resolutions at your fingertips! You have easy access to recently updated Bills and Resolutions, or you can search using keywords that interest you. After selecting an item of interest and reviewing its summary, you can go directly to the sponsor's webpage, or get additional information on the item.

My target user is the everyday person who wishes to know what Congress is currently working on, discussing, and passing. This could be a teacher wanting to know what is happening with STEM Education, a student wondering about minimum wage, or a hunter in Alaska wondering about what Congress is discussing regarding firearms.

The feature I am most proud of is the ability to directly contact the Congressman/woman who is the sponsor of a Bill or Resolution that a person is interested in (through a link in the app to their website).

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