I am constantly being told about the shrinking of middle class, but rarely hear any viable solutions.

This weekend I wanted to save the middle class.

Apparently the average middle class American saves about 4.4% of their income. Of course we know we should always save more--but I was struck by the fact that the average middle class American is saving. One common theme in analyses is that when the people of the middle class invest, they don't know what they're investing for. While those above a certain financial threshold can afford financial advisers and tax accountants, the middle class often lacks a goal or an objective.

This asymmetry leaves those who work hard in the middle class to struggle and fail to improve their financial position.

What it does

OpenFund is a platform where anyone can come to make their financial goals real, and use open source investing algorithms to make financial independence attainable.

How I built it

OpenFund is built on top of a Django web framework that is built for easy extensibility. This allows open source contributors to build their own trading algorithms in a modular way, and then seamlessly publish them for anyone to use.

Challenges I ran into

Financial math can be hard! I was super luck to have the help of a couple JP Morgan and 5th/3rd mentors to help me figure out what was important and get the math right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wrote my first ever unit tests! (Maybe proud and embarrassed it took this long) I learned a metric heck ton about finance and asset management! I worked on something I care about that can help people!

What I learned

I learned so very very much about finance and investing. I learned a lot about understanding the end user and focusing on what will bring value to their lives. I learned quite about Django, and SQL databases.

What's next for OpenFund

I want to work out a few of the kinks so it's actually running. The sick thing about

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