We have seen a couple of community fridges in our communities and while they are useful, we thought that automation and gamifying the process would increase the popularity and scope

What it does

OpenFridge allows users (food givers and food takers) to make an account on a web application Food givers can tell the web app what food they want to put in to add to the official data base Food users can access the database in order see what food is available. Food givers receive points for giving food and when someone takes their food. A display toggles between a leaderboard of the highest point earners and a menu of items to choose from and select. Businesses receive advertisement and “brownie-points” for their donations in their community. Individuals can also receive tax cuts, similar to how GoodWill works. All that is required to take/give food is a key tag that securely unlocks the fridge

How we built it

We used a raspberry pi to connect to our laptops and edit functional code locally for a motor that locks the door, an RFID sensor that unlocks the door, a door sensor that detects when the door is closed an automatically locks it, a keypad to select items from the menu, and a VGA monitor that can show our web application developed using React powered by a backend from firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We first tried to grab data from the backend directly and code a display manually on the VGA, but this proved to be very difficult which is why we opted for the display to show the web application itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud that we were able to code an entire web application in less than two days and create an external compartment for our code that is functional and can be attached to any fridge or pantry.

What's next for OpenFridge

Ask users to rate products from OpenFridge to reward businesses that give popular food Set up a system to track expiration dates of items in the fridge Give users badges for their milestones

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