It involves hardware.

What it does

We empower the community with our innovative and disruptive state of the art IoT devices that are securely connected to the distributed high availability anycasted cloud network with sky-breaking cloud servers.

Buoys will be fitted with low cost and low power transceiver to act as a beacon for lobster cages. Beacons will respond to pings sent out by an on-board boat system. These pings, along with geolocation data from smartphones, will be stored to provide a map of buoys in the area.Data collected are shared with the community through the cloud on our websites and mobile applications.

How we built it

NodeJS for backend AngularJS for frontend HC-11 transceivers with arduinos

Challenges we ran into

Battery Life GPS Underwater Cost

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 cans of Red Bull drank Survived on 9 hours of sleep over 2 nights Did not burn down the building Ate fish during Fishackathon

What we learned

An idea may seem simple but it might take quite some time to implement.

What's next for OpenFish

We aim to further revolutionize the fishing industry and slash the amount of new ghost gear.

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