According to Nigeria Economic report by World Bank, Nigeria poverty rate is about 33.1% and about 35% of the adult population are illiterates (15 years of age and above) reported by the The National Commission for Mass Literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education (NMEC).Living in a country where Crude Oil is the major source of the revenue is heartbreaking as there are barely jobs to reach the common citizens, not withstanding to in the pursuit of white collar jobs is barely on merits but by who you know. Our families are pushed by these economic factors into agriculture in order to take care of our basic needs. As full time farmers, we have observed carefully the means at which they get information about their farm product where by they need to travel a long distance in the risk of their safety due to the current high crime situation of the country as there are no jobs available. Having done several researches, we found out 80% Nigerian farmers are illiterates which lead to the deep thought on how we can develop a solution to enable our loved ones benefit and also other Nigerians who are hindered by factors like difficulty in accessing information in respect to illiteracy or other factors. We could no longer fold our arms and watch them go through dangerous routes for a means of survival.

What it does

If 80% percent of the Nigerians Farmers are illiterates, this implies the poor and inefficient practices of Agriculture in the country which leads us to a proposed solution. Our proposed Solution is to tackle the issue of Illiteracy and Job creation which will strengthen the nation’s economy to the poor citizen’s advantage. OpenFarmer is a crowd sourcing solution aimed at providing local farmers an intuitive access to information. A project to help farmers and agricultural researchers exchange ideas, foster collaboration between the two players and provide sustainable agricultural practices via different Nigerian languages.

How we built it

We built it in collaboration using technologies that are friendly to even local farmers, using friendly User Interface for better user experience, we chose developing our solution on a mobile platform since 83% of the Nigerian Adults own a smart phone by using Java, firebase and some useful APIs.

Challenges we ran into

It's a normal phenomenon when people have challenges during a project, of course we ran into tons of challenges like who will benefit from this solution, what would attract even the illiterate farmers to our solution, to mention but a few. After asking ourselves some questions we were able to make a decision about the solution we wanted to give to our loved ones and other farmers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have a chance to show our families their problems can be solved without going through dangerous routes to look for solutions. We are also proud that we are in the process of achieving great solutions for our local farmers which will boost self sufficiency with crowd sourcing

What we learned

We have learned a lot in terms of personal skills and teaming up for better productivity, we are also able to identify loop holes and how to bridge gaps.

What's next for OpenFarmer

We have plans to expand our scope of problem solving into a bigger project by creating a very affordable mobile device with specific operating system so we can integrate our project to ensure better productivity.

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