[NOTE]: I started working on this project prior to the start of the hackathon, so in the spirit of the competition, I am not competing for prizes.


  • Currently, course review data is locked down by academic institutions. This web application crowdsources course review information in a reliable, secure manner and makes aggregated results accessible to students.

How it works

  • Login using your educational institution's credentials and a list of your currently enrolled courses.
  • Complete 2 reviews to view aggregate course information.

Challenges I ran into

  • Finding data sources to supply the application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I've tied together many unique data sources to power this application-- LDAP for authentication, ElasticSearch for verification of a student's course enrollment status, and a JSON REST API for the full course listing.

What I learned

  • Some of the API's supplying data aren't going to be perfect. There will be corner cases and instances where data may be aggregated for courses / instructors in a less-than-ideal way. In spite of these limitations, I focused my efforts on value-adds that I can inherently provide in the application, like top-notch usability.

What's next for OpenEvals

  • Getting into a production environment for use by students.
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