• exporting xodr format into a better usable format for 3D Rendering (Meshes/.obj-Files)
  • Unity as a good Live-Renderengine for a direct usable product

What it does

  • it has a custom parser for the xodr Files (written in Java)
  • it generates .obj files for the street, the pavement and the street markings (according to the xodr file)
  • these files are then taken into Unity (manually)
  • then we can beautify the overall model for a more realistic model

How we built it

  • we build a xodr-parser written in Java which generates .obj files from the xodr format
  • we created multiple 3D-Models and designed a test-environment in Unity

Challenges we ran into

  • it is really hard to export euler's spirals from the xodr format into a useful format
  • the xodr format is really ..., like having all kind of lane entries with type None(?!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we made our own parser for .xodr files and read the big documentation, so that's kind of an accomplishment
  • we made it work to export into .obj models (including pavement and line markings)

What we learned

  • it has advantages and disadvantages to create an own parser instead of using an existing one ;)
  • we learned a lot of unity and made some cool stuff there
  • also some 3D-Modeling in blender which was nice

What's next for OpenDrive 3D Visualizer - OD3V

  • maybe add in an advanced dynamic environment generation
  • add automatic traffic-light positioning

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