A trend between several speakers at the Codex Hackathon seemed to be that the process of creating books - from the first idea to the final words - was not as easy, efficient, or collaborative as it could be. So we aimed to fix that.


Our website begins by asking who you are - an Author, Editor, or Publisher. From there, it will direct you to an appropriate dashboard. Let's say you're an author:

  • You will be able to see your current drafts, as well as explore drafts from other registered authors.
  • You can request to collaborate with other authors, or others can ask to collaborate with you.
  • Once you're ready, open up your draft with all registered editors. They'll look over your work, and if they want to get on board, request to sign up as an editor.
  • Finally, you, your other authors, and your editors can send the draft to publishing. There, all registered publishers will be able to see your document, and if they like it, publish it!

What's next?

Right now, this is a fairly minimal project. Backend wise, we still have a lot of work to do from syncing the database in the document editor and more. Later, we can add more features to the doc editor, such as formatting text, adding images, etc. We also still have work to do in terms of streamlining the process for publishers. This website allows publishers to have instant access to many of the key details - all the authors and editors of the book, the creation date, and literally every step in the process. With this, by connecting to API's such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, we can ideally create ways for publishers to very easily take this book and the metadata and publish it!

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