Refugee women often fill a domestic role when they arrive in Australia, managing the home, looking after the children and cooking the meals. In addition to preventing those women from attending language classes, this results in social isolation and a widening gender gap.

What it does

The program is a set of cooking demonstrations with 4-6 attendees, moving between the homes of the refugee women to teach and converse in English in a social setting with the help of some simple image based technology to provide vocabulary. We believe that in addition to addressing the well-known language barriers affecting refugees, this program will also address the social issues arising out of the isolation of refugee women.

How we built it

A web application was built using HTML/CSS and JavaScript for planning and organising the program, whilst a mobile app was built using Swift for assisting participants with learning and practicing new vocabulary in preparation cooking meetups.

What's next for OpenDoor

Partnering up with non-profit organisations to launch a trial program.

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