Current postal and delivery systems, such as Amazon and Canada post, are centralized and controlled by monoliths. They come with their upsides, such as reliability, but have many downsides such as abuse of workers and higher prices.

This prototype is an example of how this could be solved. Drones could fly around and carry their packages around the world, being paid crypto for their contributions. You could make your own marketplaces and deliver packages far across the world.

This program will output a video file, visualizing a simulation of the transfer of packages. Each drone is a different color, and their crypto value is displayed above. A "payload", in the form of text, is shown on top of the drone currently holding it. Check the GitHub repo for further instructions.

Unfortunately, due to issues with the Infura API the blockchain integration is not currently functional. However, most of the code is still present.

Built With

  • python-solidity-web3-matplotlib
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