Have you ever felt that there is so much effort from all the amazing humans in hack the crisis around the world and it feels so unsettling to think that things are not compiled in one place

  • The present situation is that many people are spending lot of human hours to create digital solutions to solve the crisis. However since they are not all compiled in one place as Open data resource for people to use them, there are redundancy and time spent on same things that could be directed towards enhancement.


  • A open data platform showing all the open sources related to COVID-19 in one place for developers, designers, engineers to use the data set to create solutions faster and smarter.

  • Open Data for crisis is a crowd content platform using Laravel, GraphQL, Node.JS to list all the open data set related to COVID-19, the content can be uploaded by anyone to get listed.

What have we done during this weekend:

  • We have created the open data platform part from scratch, we completed the listing, search and login, signup and posting dataset functionalities.

Solution impact to the crisis:

  • The platform will accelerate the development of solution related to COVID-19, as one stop place to search for open source datasets, patents, freebie infrastructures from companies.


  • We need infrastructure support since we might be hosting huge amount of datasets and also spreading the word about the platform around to the developers forum in EU and beyond the EU borders.

Value of solution after the crisis

  • The platform can be extended to be used for any national level natural emergency open data platform like floods or forest fire.

EXTRA VEBOSE INFORMATION(Please, read only if you would like to know more)


The inspiration comes from my experience in participating previous hack the crisis, there are so many awesome codes and projects which are done by great people, most of them are open source and such detailed level of programming but they are all scattered all over the place. It feels so sad to see that all those great efforts will go waste and we want to unify them by following inspiration from OpenData EU portal

What it does

Emergency data platform is a web portal where all the codes related to COVID19 for now are being compiled together in categories and then converted to JSON, CSV or PDF format so other developers or projects could use already available OpenSource to speed up the development process. This will save lot of time so developers or projects can spend time on enhancing or reusing API rather than writing from scratch each time.

How we built it

We started by collecting all the EU projects so far, starting from Estonia and till the Global hack the crisis so far. We used PHP Laravel framework to build it, we are using SQL Database and its hosted using web portal.

Challenges we ran into

Collecting data is so challenging since they are all scattered all over the place, also to have infrastructure to support those many project and bring them all under one place is also quite challenging so far.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have collected 350 winning projects so far and also managed to categorise it so far, I am sure soon we will cover almost all the projects source code in one place so it will be super helpful for developer who want to develop things on top of it.

What we learned

We learned that people working on hack related to COVID 19 spend so much time and energy into it, we can say that by looking into source code and how well it is written and that made us feel so proud on how amazing human beings are despite the trouble time. On project level, we initially started with a different tech stacks, after a week we went through a scalability issue so we changed the architecture and also we managed to get infrastructure related to that.

What's next for OpenData

We are thinking about using the same framework and extending this on all situation and for all emergency situation on national level and also on international level. Since we are bunch of programmers and designers, we know exactly what will be helpful for developers to enhance using API. One of the big challenge now is that these endpoints should be easily available for developer and be public so anyone can access this, so we are improving infrastructure and trying to form collaboration with organization who can support this grand scale of infrastructure.

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posted an update

We are integrating a console/playground for the platform, since it came out as feedback from other fellow developers and it is a useful feature to have. This will help developer to first run the code virtually to see the response and then integrate or create classes based on that response.

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posted an update

We are amazed at the level of projects that are being provided as open source by all the innovators, we recently found MIT gives a patent free way to create ventilator, it will cost only $100 to $400 to create using UNO/AD boards.

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