Many school and university students who want to have a career in computer technology have no idea how to get started with open source projects. We wanted to make something for helping them out. Contributing to projects requires skills and guidance and sometimes the lack of any one or both makes the job for newcomers difficult. Keeping these things we mind we came up with this solution.

What it does

OpenColab will help you connect with open source contributors from around the world based on your preferred skills and tools. You can apply to different projects and chat with the people involved in them for guidance. You can also look for a team of developers to work on your project in our app. We have an easy to use UI which will help you adjust easily to our interface. For all the newbie hackers, OpenColab is an easy and convenient tool they can use to get started with their hacking journey.

How we built it

We created the prototype of the app using Figma.

Challenges we ran into

Due to lack of time, we were not able to complete a fully functional web app. So we went with the fully functional prototype of the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to come up with a solution for people starting out as a developer. Being in the same position a few years ago, we were determined to make something to help students like us and to be able to do the same today is a big achievement.

What we learned

We learnt that creating something meaningful and impactful requires a dedicated team effort. We also learnt time management.

What's next for OpenColab

A fully functional web application with accessibility features for specially abled.

Built With

  • figma
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