Open Source projects have been very impactful on both of our development journeys and we wanted a way to pay back devs who had helped us so much. We also had a very big interest in developing something in the crypto space.

What it does

Open Coin generates a cryptocurrency for Open Source Projects when the creator registers with our service. The creator gets 10,000 of the coin at launch and contributors are paid a set number of coins per accepted contribution.

How we built it

We used React.JS, Github OAuth, and Heroku

Challenges we ran into

Slight technical challenges figuring out Github OAuth

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a way to encourage more people to get involved in Open Source Projects.

What we learned

How Github OAuth works and how to deploy a React.JS Application on Heroku from CLI

What's next for OpenCoin

Get some market feedback on the level of interest from developers both that currently contribute to Open Source Projects as well as those that currently do not.

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