Removes secrets you didn't see

People share million of photos every day and don't really think about whats in the image. Invisible metadata, like the location or the camera type the picture was taken with, is in the image and will be used by sites like facebook to monitor its users, without there direct knowledge.

Even worse than that, some people don't think before posting images with confidential things in view. A quick picture with the credit card in view can lead to an empty bank account if the wrong person sees the image.

Thats where clairvoyant comes to play:
clairvoyant is a simple browser extension that can see the hidden information in images, inform the user and remove any critical information in it.
This information includes common metadata but it is also looking for things like credit-cards, notebooks and other things that could contain information, which the user doesn't want to share.

The neural network, used to identify potential personal information, only runs on the client computer, thus no personal information is being shared by using the extension.


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