This year a crypto investment to NFT gained a lot of interest for non-IT and non-crypto geeks. In 2021 Bitcoin and other crypto tokens has a new all time high price and people like to invest in space. This is a driver to growth NFT follow them. Influencers, license companies, brands - all of them like to publish and sell own NFTs. But most products on the market can’t provide a clear simple user experience. Complicated user flow growth a scary of investors and stop them to invest. Influencers, license companies, brands can't grow in NFT space now for same reasons.

What it does

OpenBiSea is First easiest place to invest and manage your NFT Simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy NFT, sell auction-based purchased NFT and receive simple, investor’s friendly reports. You can set price in any erc20 tokens or main coin and we didn't required to buy OBS token to sell or buy. You can buy with credit card even.

How we built it

A first front end solution for OpenBiSea is a mobile app and web UI app, where investors, influencers, license companies, brands can purchase or sell some NFT with tokens in wallet or credit card. Purchases have two types — auctions or direct sales. You 100% control wallet and ownership with easy to use flow, no need to become a crypto specialist.

Challenges we ran into

Growth and new users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Great simple UI, full build smart contracts

What we learned


What's next for OpenBiSea

become top-10 NFT marketplaces worldwide

Built With

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