After Googleing information about Adelaide, I realised that no website aggregate services, image (branding) and information about the city. Data itself is not relevant if it can't be digested by user. My website visualise all the geospatial dataset provided, grouped in such a way to serve people that want to visit the city and people that are here already. The website make this data easy to read and use in every device (PCMobile/Tablet) thanks to a minimalist and user oriented interface, allowing to zoom and find your location in the map. The datasets ARE NOT STORED LOCALLY, but they are retrieved live at every page refresh so that data is always updated and visualised with Google Map JS Api.

Moreover, citizens can interact leaving feedbacks. From the backend, through an admin interface, the feedbacks can be analysed thanks to IBM Bluemix Watson Service, which analyse the textual feedbacks and create a user profile, raising the level of awareness of the administration, showing user data in a simple e beautiful representation.

The Website is hosted on Microsoft Azure. It is coded in PHP, HTML and JS.

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