The problem open Ventilator India solves The regular off the shelf ventilator costs from anywhere from 7-8 lakh and most of them are already reserved for privileged individuals only, The Goal of Open ventilator project is to Design, Build, Validate a reliable Ventilation Medical Equipment Project for people, regions, countries in difficult economical situations with a component-agnostic philosophy. There are more than 40 Projects running worldwide, but we didn't continue putting efforts into the projects being developed by other teams, who have a different society and economic reality.

The equipment must have as few industrial parts as possible. If necessary, parts must be easily accessible, even in small towns and villages

Challenges I ran into The biggest challenge we ran into was lockdown and availability of resources, as we are part of an international team that is working in different time zone and it was really difficult to sync our work another problem is finding resources and equipment that are available locally, as we have a habit of importing everything, so local sourcing was a big challenge for the team. In India, the project is being made in 2 cities and people are contribution through various different parts of the country. One is being In Ganganagar Rajasthan, Other is in Pune. We are Working Hard and risking our own life as hardware and Laser cutting is outsourced from different Vendors. We have a team in India but due to some reason can't submit as some technical error on the website their names are: Sandeep Ethan Moses Faizan Shaikh Mohit Johar

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