First off, I love Uber! To be honest, I've abused the $30 "New rider bonus" with a variety of phones and phone numbers. You just can't get that from your average cab company! I have also contracted for Uber in the past, creating in internal invoice generator. After my previous exposure with Uber, I didn't hesitate to throw my hat in the ring when I saw the Uber Hackathon.

Open Uelp comes from

the idea of combining the web's finest apis together to create a fluid end to end experience for getting to cool hangout spots or getting to dinner. Starting at the question "What do I want for dinner?" and ending at a restaurant fulfilling certain monetary, geographical, and other criteria, with a reservation, and a cheap means of transportation to get there.

My target audience

is anyone who typically looks at yelp to determine where to go for food, drinks or just to hang out and then request an uber ride to the destination. It's tedious to switch from one app to another and communicate ride instructions to the driver. Open Uelp provides the missing link between the location directory (yelp) and the method of transit (uber). To further aid the dinner process, Open Uelp is connected to Open Table to provide quick access to the online reservation system without having to perform another search.

What I'm most proud of?

Asynchronous - I wrote the whole program but was unhappy with its performance. It had to query yelp, uber, open table and would not render till all three were done. This would not do. I rewrote the app with AJAX to asynchronously call all three services reducing load time.

Random - Before I put my nose to the code-stone, I wanted to introduce a element of surprise to my submission. What if you didn't know where the car picking you up was going to take you? Aside from the obligatory security and unscrupulous driver concerns, letting the code definitely decide where the driver is headed introduces adventure to the otherwise mundane act of going to dinner. I feel that the element of random could be worked into other fun uber-based adventures (secret agent, scavenger hunt anyone?)

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