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What inspired me is, sometimes when we install an npm package there is something written on it like npm fund to fund the project owner, or sometimes people that has great repo that used by many but doesn't get credit for it can create a mirror to that repo with some more feature that you don't get in public repo and sell that private repo for some more money, so actually this was my take on this whole open source funding, so that open source maintainer can still get to maintain the repo and sell some of the repo that he think has some more exclusivity than the public repo, so that they can get their credit for their open source work.

What it does

This platform basically sell the access to one of your repo, so that people can edit the name, disable the github action for example and .etc, and for private repo you can view the private repo that you bought from someone else, and get access to it. And it's all peer to peer using the power of bitcoin cash.

How I built it

I'm using nuxtjs as a frontend , also i add backend using nodejs express ,and using postgresql as the database. And i deploy it to google cloud platform.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't know how to develop payment system of bitcoin cash

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can develop bitcoin cash payment system

What I learned

I learn how to make payment integration using bitcoin cash

What's next for Open source repo marketplace

This is an alpha version of open source marketplace i haven't added much to it as there is so little time to develop, i want to add chat, rating system, also a refund system where the platform act as a middleman to hold the bitcoin cash so the buyer can try the repo first and if it's good it tell the system it's good and send it to the seller.

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