We tried to build and work on issues with open source projects made under the fellowship throughout.

What it does

We picked vscode-github-projects as our project to contribute to, since it was really a good idea that needed some more work to flourish. So we get started with setting up the development environment for the project.

The development environment had some issues due to which it was not running, We discussed it with the creator of the project (Shrill Shrestha), We tried for a long time fixing the bug together but it was of no help.

And there we get the true essence of open source that a good contribution needs extensive research, good knowledge of the product and a good learning curve.

Hopefully, we will try to make it up soon, and land our first PR soon.

Challenges we ran into

  • New to vscode extension and development workflow
  • Problems with development setup

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Researched about VS code and extensions making
  • Rigorous try to make the things in working state

What we learned

  • How to build and setup VScode extension
  • How to start contributing to open source

What's next for Open Source Project Collaboration

Would love to contribute more on the open source projects

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