Every time when I want/need to learn new technologies, I take my time to find high-quality content - the one that has been updated within a year and doesn't have too many deprecations. Usually, such quality content is provided by for-profit platforms/courses such as Codecademy, Educative, etc. However, many students may not be able to afford these courses or subscriptions from such platforms. I understand those students because I go to a school in the US where 90% of students are eligible for Pell Grant and where 100% of students receive full-tuition scholarship due to their low-income background. Oftentimes, I take time to look for open-source and quality content that I can use and learn with no frustrations. Every time I find something, I wish I could share those resources with others. That's where Open Source Library comes in.

What it does

Open Source Library works as a hub for free yet high-quality learning resources. The platform focuses on UI/UX to attract users. Anyone can access all the resources with no registration. An account is only needed if users would like to keep track of their courses/materials and save them for later.

Another unique aspect of Open Source Library is that it acknowledges that different people have different learning styles. As for me, usually, I prefer text-based learning over video-based. The platform will allow users to choose the material type that fits best with their learning style. The currently available categories are books, articles, courses, and learning tracks.

How I built it

I used Flask, Python, and MongoDB to develop the backend and utilized Jinja templates, Bootstrap 4, and HTML/CSS to build the front-end of the app.

Challenges I ran into

The only challenge was getting started with front-end development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the user interface and the learning resources that I could gather.

What I learned

I have never really been into front-end development, however, this time I had to take it seriously. Therefore, I learned how to use Bootstrap to develop beautiful pages.

What's next for Open Source Library

Next, I will try to come up with a process to allow others to contribute resources and feature them on the platform.

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