As the fellowship comes to an end, the fellows will be looking forward to applying to different jobs and internships with an updated portfolio consisting of projects made during the fellowship. It is time consuming to create a portfolio from scratch, So we wanted to make a boiler plate code generator that would create the portfolio using React, saving a bunch of time.

We decided to add it as an extension to front-to-back, which is a boiler plate code generator having different tech stacks like Django, Django-React, React, React-Redux etc.

What it does

  • We worked on the ctakes-ext project and fixed a couple of issues there.
    • Added a detailed file to it for a better understanding of the project.
    • Added docker files to the project
  • Generator Front-to-back
    • Added a generator that creates a portfolio(with profile, experience and projects section) using the CLI.

How we built it

  • For the ctakes-extension, we worked individually on one issue each. First Issue: We created a file for anyone who browses the repository for better understanding of the project and for facilitating the set up of development environment. Second Issue: We added Docker files to the project...
  • For generator Front-to-back, we tackled one issue and collaborated together on it. We went through the source code and familiarised ourselves with it. Then we created the portfolio generator using the yeoman generator and created a portfolio using react.

Challenges we ran into

  • None of us were familiar with underlying structure of the yeoman generator and there was a certain learning curve involved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We learnt and implemented a portfolio generator using yeoman.
  • Contributed to two great projects.
  • Managed university work alongside. XD

What we learned

  • There are a number of things we learnt from the projects itself, the structure and the entire architecture of the application
  • We learnt Docker, GitHub Actions and Yoman Generators by learning together and teaching each other

What's next for Open Source Contributions

  • We are planning to make the portfolio generator completely dynamic, where the user can generate a customised portfolio using just the CLI.
  • We love the contributions and open source spirit and will continue to contribute to open source projects that we are passionate.
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