Problem We try to solve

=>Bridge the gap between the top-tier college students and low-mediun tier college students
=>Providing Quality Education to Students in Remote Areas
=>Mentorship to Students at a single platform
=>Peer to Peer sessions that allow students to understand the solutions better

What it does

=>Live Streaming of the sessions allow people to ask questions on the forum
=>People can request for a session from an expert directly that may be not be generally available
=>Organizations/Institutions can also host live sessions/classes to cover the students that cannot physically attend the classes
=>We have created a web portal that allows people to host and attend sessions on different topics.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

=>No combined portal for sessions as well as connecting with different people
=>Allowing Students to connect to give sessions and connect outside their arena
=>This portal can improve the learning capabilities of the students(Peer learning module).

Technology used

=> Node.js
=> MySql
=> Jquery

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