Scientific findings make our life better, safer and more comfortable. It is scientists can invent a cure for the global COVID-19 problem. But not everybody is aware of difficulties for scientists to make it possible. Academic community is suffering from luck of funding, transparency, reproducibility and toxic atmosphere. Some of these problems arise from private companies creating and promoting superficial rankings and holding on author rights from published scientific articles which are put behind paywalls and sold back to universities at steep prices. Adding to this the fact that most of scientific research is funded from taxpayers, makes the current system of scientific development dysfunctional and inefficient. The particularly acute demand for unrestricted knowledge sharing during Coronavirus crisis strongly suggests that time for urgent actions has come.

We need to use this opportunity to start to reform the academic system, making it more efficient, equitable and fair. The Open Science (OS) movement is at least few decades old. It entails not only on the idea to make publication of scientific results open and accessible to everyone but also to make science and development processes responsible, fair and efficient. The aim of this project is to raise the awareness among scientists and non-scientists about the inefficiency and unfairness of scientific evaluation, show benefits of the idea of Openness for innovation and fighting against the crisis, and act to achieve more beneficial implementation of OS principles in the real life.


There are three people who passioned to change the world for good:

Stefaniia Ivashchenko, PhD in biophysics, worked with structural studies of proteins from measles, mumps and Ebola viruses, has multidisciplinary background

Maximilian Urazov, TV and video producer, founder of Youtube projects and TV channels, he has also curated other TV and Youtube projects

We also have other scientists expressed their interest to help with this cause and everyone else is most welcome to join!


Open Science TV is a new independent scientific media platform to give more voice to scientists, citizens, entrepreneurs, help them realize their full potential and share their stories about both success and obstacles they faced. It acts as a nucleation site for social activity and engagement. It is free from politics, manipulations and interests from of private companies. We have very ambitious plans for this project but for the moment we start from very simple:

— Video content on Youtube explaining current situation in academia. Among critics, we will propose solutions, including witnessing and interviews from scientists (curated by S. Ivashchenko and M. Urazov)

— Public feedback on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram)

In order to launch our project we will be looking for more funding and support from public. As platform grows we plan to hire more people, open our web site, set up continuous TV stream, increase content production, organise award badges helping people get their contribution recognized, especially in areas such Open Scholarship, where official recognition is often lacking. We further organize and promote action-based discussions, efficient social activities, fast solutions to the challenges faced.


Anyone concerned about the a gap between scientific community and society at large. These two worlds that meet even closer when there is a catastrophe, which has been recently happening more often than we would like, and for which we are certainly not well-prepared. Our media platform will be interesting to:

— General public in need of independent scientific information that is fact-checked by known experts with public profiles

—Motivated scientists looking to make a difference

— Ex-scientists that left academia and interested in making tangible improvements

— Organisations, businesses holders, individuals interested to dedicate some of their resources to help responsible, equitable and fair research and innovation.

Please contact Stefaniia for more information about the project: stefaniia.ivashchenko at gmail dot com

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