Schools are terrible at sharing. Innovation is often isolated. It can be easier for students, teachers, college mentors, and community members to find each other and build from shared expertise and interest.

How it works

Create a database listing current and (eventually) outdated projects by country, State, field of interest (checkboxes and / or keyword search). Fields include links to material / media / portfolios / shared docs / etc, contact info for mentors. Each school posts what they want via their choices around CIPA,FERPA, school, State, and Federal guidelines.

Challenges I ran into

None. Everyone I've spoken to thinks this is a great idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting high schools and colleges to agree. Pretty rare! The original idea quickly expanded into community members posting interest via a local participating school.

What I learned

The more people I talk to the more love the idea and want to start using Open Project.

What's next for Open Project

Build, baby, build.

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