3 billion people are in lockdown and more than 1.5 billion do not have access to medical prescriptions in an electronic way.

And, at this rough moment, we saw challenges for people who need medical assistance of any kind. It is risky to go to the doctor's office and get a paper prescription.

There're risks leaving home, risks getting a piece of paper and risks going to the pharmacy to get the prescripted drugs.

That's why we envisioned Open Prescription.

Award on The Global Hack

Open Prescription was selected as finalist and figured among the TOP 10 Global Governance solutions to fight Covid-19 crisis.

The Global Hack was a 48h hackathon for building solutions to help during the Covid-19 crisis, with 15000 participants from 100 countries, more than 1000 teams and 500 submitted projects.


OriginalMy is a startup listed by the United Nations as a real blockchain use case making a social impact, and we are finalists on the EIP Horizon 2020 Blockchain for Social Good.

We are always looking for new ways to make people's life easier, at the same time we fight against bureaucracy, corruption and fraud.

Also, we understand it is necessary to empower people at the same time we preserve privacy and improve transparency to all processes and actions. That's why we choose blockchain and strong cryptography to achieve it.

What it does

Open Prescription is an open platform for doctors, patients and pharmacists, for authenticating and signing medical prescriptions by validated doctors using a digital certificate, and drug dispensing tracking.

How we are building it

OriginalMy is allowing the use, free of charge, of its open API system. With all the tools made available, it is possible to integrate the document authentication, identity validation and issue certificates of authenticity for all documents.

Being an open-source platform, it will be available to be integrated into other systems, like hospital management systems, identity validators, doctor id validators, document storage or other management systems.

Challenges we are running

As the Open Prescription platform is not launched yet, we mapped some of the main challenges we will find Validate doctors across different countries Lower the costs for validating people Finding key partnerships through governments and entities Develop a sustainable business model Scale the solution

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • 2016 - Social Impact Challenge (Mudamos+)
  • 2017 - More than 500k signatures collected on draft bills through Mudamos+
  • 2018 - Most innovative startup award
  • 2019 - Listed by UN and European Commission as a real blockchain use case making Social Impact, 124k document authentications, two laws created and signed by the people and approved by the Brazilian government, through Mudamos. Proofs of web content authenticated with our tools, judged as valid on a Superior Court.
  • 2020 - EIC Horizon 2020 - Blockchain for Good prize finalists, started a partnership on El Salvador to provide notarial services through blockchain

What we learned

Governments and big institutions are hard to have a deal. It takes time, and it is very costly to the startup. Because of that, it is vital to move fast through strong partnerships.

But if you focus on people and they understand the actual bureaucracy created by the traditional institutions are not needed anymore, you get allies and very engaged customers.

What's next for Open Prescription

The next step is to launch the MVP, probably during the hackathon.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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posted an update

I want to congratulate all Open Prescription team! 9+1 people hacking the crisis together here :)

Thiago Montini, Guilherme Utzig, Uriel Miranda: the three devs doing magic to put everything working. We had a pull request from another dev (Renato Martins) on github as well!

Miriam Oshiro, Mariana Zanotti, Fabiana Marcos e Murillo Marques representing everything behind the strategy on OriginalMy

And, right now, we welcome the coolest designer who came to hack together with us: Rebecca Xavier s2

Thank you amazing team! C'mon and let's hack the world!

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