Open Pokémon takes the dreams of every single 90s kid and let's them become Pokémon masters - but in the real world!

Implementing a variety of hardware and APIs, Open Pokémon takes the actions of Pokémon trainers and allows users to emulate them.

The journey begins with walking around with your phone. A map is generated based on your location through Google. Random encounters with wild Pokemon can be won through using voice commands to get Pokémon to attack (through, and when weakened, Pokéballs can be thrown with a throwing motion (using the Thalmic Myo). To ensure that you've caught them all, simply "Open Pokédex" to view which of the 151 original you have left to catch, and once you're ready to move on, "Hide Pokédex"! Once your team is stacked, duke it out with your friends with our multi-player options, and battle to be the very best!

Remember to continually check the status of your Pokémon though! Your Pokéwatch (Pebble Watch) will send reminders to go to the nearest Pokémon Center by displaying your party status. And once you're done for the day, head home to your computer and show some affection for your Pokémon by patting and rubbing them (through the Leap Motion). Make sure to care for all your Pokémon - simply cycle through with a circular motion!

Are you ready to be the next Pokémon Master?

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