The desire to allow people with dysfunctional or difficult backgrounds, an opportunity to find a mentor that caters to their development. Not their own actualized needs. Our systems goal was to create software for finding a mentor that they may not choose for themselves, but has a lot to offer them that they have not yet discovered.

What it does

Open Paths strives to match marginalized young adults within the Texas legal system with mentors using algorithms based on personal, professional and emotional attributes.

With our refined matching processes, youth are provided the opportunity to find a knowledgeable guide to assist in their personal and professional development.

How we built it

Not built yet

Challenges we ran into

We need a coder to develop the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Branding and attributes framework, brass tack web forms. COLLABORATION!

What we learned

Coding is hard

What's next for Open Paths

Finding a coder

Built With

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