We asked several users that are on the platform on how they thought Twitter could be improved. They all let us know that there are topics that are recommended to them but at times will include negative tweets and arguments. In order to promote a healthy user experience, we thought we should highlight positive tweets within certain topics.

What it does

It currently groups tweets together and allows user to enter a topic that will interest them.

How I built it

We used python (flask), twitter api and reactjs

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge for us was time management as Ultrahacks was hosted right around midterms season at the University of Houston which required us to manage our time well and sacrifice sleep to complete the project. Additionally, UltraHacks provided a lot of wonderful workshops which were the perfect opportunity to gain exposure in other fields on technology. In our passion to learn, we lost time we could’ve devoted to our project which required us to work harder due to our quick approaching deadline. We also wanted to make sure everyone on the team learned as much as possible so instead of just dividing up the work and coding, our team decide to divide up the work and code but then discuss the code and ensure that everyone understands all parts of the coding regardless of their coding experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All our team ended up learning some great troubleshooting skills and understand how to set up our project properly now. We were also able to get to know one another a lot more over this short period of time and successfully create a project that can be presented. We are proud of taking the initiative to participate in a hackathon like UltraHacks to take advantage of all the learning opportunities, network, work as a team, grow as future Software Engineers, and designing a website that tackles Social Good.

What I learned

We learned a lot about Reactjs, python(flask) and twitter api. We also discovered a lot of resources that would help us code faster in the future. We learned that although it is important to pursue our passion for learning by attending workshops, we must also have time devoted to hacking. However, we’re happy with our product and considering it’s an idea for a startup, we’re proud of how much potential it holds as it is exactly the type of interface people want to use.

What's next for Open minds

We plan to continue developing the service and adding more and more features and testing it ourselves in college to reap the benefits and see if we can quantify the success of this idea before promoting it further.

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