Due to how much controversy there is in the world, we thought it would be cool if people had the opportunity to compare different sides.

What it does

We offer a platform for anonymous debate to allow people to have a chance to fully express themselves. It is also a good way to prevent oneself from becoming close-minded, as you will see things from beyond just your own perspective and will be forced to really understand your own convictions

How we built it

We built the platform on top of a service that handles sockets so we can send instant messages within a chat room. We also created data wrapped around the messages to allow for voting to have some quantitative way of showing which side seemed to debate better.

Challenges we ran into

Each of our teammates had totally different expertise that they brought to the table, this posed a challenge for us when trying to figure out how to tie our abilities together. We also had a hard time choosing the right platform to build from. Two of our teammates left early and progress wasn't really made until 12 hours before the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was fun playing with new technologies and things that we aren't comfortable with. Getting a chance to actually set up messaging functionality was pretty cool!

What we learned

We learned a lot about teamwork, planning, and choosing the right frameworks/technologies for the job. In the future, projects will hopefully go smoother.

What's next for Open Mind Debate

It would be nice to add more functionality such as individual debater rankings, score breakdowns, and top messages sent to it. A nice UI would also be pretty nice!

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