Food pantries donate supplies for thanksgiving meals to those below the poverty line during the holidays. Some people may not have the means to even cook this food.

What it does

Open Kitchen connects those in need of meals with leftover food. It has an interface for a user to donate a meal and pay for the meal to be delivered with Postmates. It allows the person who needs a meal to use their phone to make the request.

How I built it

We build the back and front end first. Then as a team we worked on integrating them with the APIs and each other.

Challenges I ran into

The whole entity that is backend was completely new for us. We had to learn what exactly a database is and how to use it, in addition to how to work with a server. We also had some language barriers, we had never used Node.js before and its asynchronous nature was very difficult to grasp.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Considering no one on our team had any experience with the backend before, we are pretty stoked that we learned and utilized Node.js, and were able to work with the server to use the Twilio, Braintree and Postmates APIs. In addition, we took UI/UX very seriously for both the web and SMS users to make sure our product is intuitive, entertaining and easy to use.

What I learned

Given we half of us have never participated, our team learned a ton about creating a deliverable in such a short time constraint. We have all followed a user-centered design process in a long-term project before but we learned a lot about efficiently allocating our teams resources (time, strengths) to create a deliverable. In addition, we learned a ton about Node, working with the server,

What's next for Open Kitchen

We also see expanding the functionality so web users can still donate “pending meals” as opposed to waiting for an SMS message. We also want to provide more updates to both users as to Postmates status.

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