The Jarvis Ironman

What it does

It ambiently listens for commands starting with Jarvis, like "Jarivs play Hello by Adele", or "Jarvis text Andrew "Hey Man!"", or "Jarvis open the door", or "Jarvis change the color of the light to magenta", or "Jarvis, Party!" (Plays Turn down for what and changes the light to strobe mode)

Also has AI Doorman feature which trains an algorithm on authorized faces to automatically open the door.

How we built it

Python APi's, including CV2, Spotipy, Sci-kit Learn, Google Speech Recognition API

Challenges we ran into

Working on hardware and servos that have the ability to open doors. Lots of Lego and Duct Tape

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building something that came together, that fully works without crashing. It works just as expected. Most proud of the "Jarvis, Party!" demo, which plays Turn down for what and changes the light to strobe mode. This shows off the modularity and customization ability of jarvis as well.

What we learned

How to interface one application with multiple hardware components on one program and one network.

What's next for Open Jarvis

Blog post and youtube video detailing how to build one yourself, and a complete code review for better modularity and clarity.

Built With

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