We are part of the Trent Game Development Club where we want to inspire students into developing games. During our club meetings, we have helped a bunch of students install software on their computer needed and have noticed that many software are not compatible with a lot of computers. This lead to an idea of creating an operating system in Linux that will contain all the featured tools useful for developing games as well as for programmers to learn how to use Linux.

What it does

We want to make it easier for beginners to get into game development and have pre-installed tools without having users to pay for licensing or bother time to install a whole bunch of times when we can have tools provided for them. When any of the tools get downloaded, there would be tutorials provided for the users on how the tool works. Although we can not provide tutorials for all of the tools, we would at least have them for the more popular tools.

How we built it

We used Virtual Box to operate one of the Linux distribution to clone and create the ISO image that contains many of the useful software tools. For the website, we used html and JavaScript to design the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges that we ran into were running AWS and how we were not able to start the web server without the credentials. So we had to find alternative way to set up the website which is using digital ocean. We also struggled on setting up the server where we were not able to get the link running up on the web due to slow internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we accomplished in our project was setting up our website to target beginners into game development and to use our operating system that has most of the tools provided for them. We have also created the ISO with pre-installed tools available for users to work with.

What we learned

What we learned through out this experience is that managing work is hard, getting sleep is hard, and having slow internet.

What's next for Open Game OS

We want to make the project more open source properly for all users as well as learning how to make .deb files. We also want to find members to help create logos and other assets for the project and to help with hosting and branding. Getting sponsors is also another thing that we want for the next Open Game OS.

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